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How to Prevent Winter Roof Damage?

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If you think that it’s difficult to prevent winter roof damage, you are very wrong. If you want to keep your family secure and comfortable all winter long, it’s easy to prevent roof damage. Nowadays, you do not even have to get on your roof to take the required precautions. All you’ve got to do is hire roofers in Normandie.

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of tips on how to prevent winter roof damage.

Trim the Branches Overhanging Your Roof

Winter winds and dropping temperatures can knock out loose branches after the storms of summer. Because of this, overhanging branches can break shingles and damage the roof. You can avoid these issues by trimming the branches before the winter season arrives.

Reseal Around Skylights, Piping, and Other Features

You introduce the possibility for water to enter your house for every puncture made in the roof. This includes installing the vent for an appliance or installing a satellite. There are a couple of products able to keep out moisture. They may require routine touch-ups. This depends on the materials you utilize. Damaged materials, such as flashing, may need replacement. The ideal time to reseal these puncture points is the fall season. This will help keep water from leaking inside and causing damage.

Patch Missing Shingles or Broken

Replacing missing or broken shingles prevents moisture from leaking into the attic and ruining the rest of your home. You may require a lot of money for repairs by the time you discover the indications from inside your home. With a thorough preventive maintenance and fall inspection, you can lower your bills.

Schedule an Expert Inspection

For safety reasons, walking around on the roof is dangerous. Aside from that, it can also lead to unexpected roof damage. Nowadays, roofing contractors can utilize drones to observe shingles and places of particular concerns up close. They can also get exact measurements without putting you or your property at risk.

Treat Mold and Mildew

Do you notice a weird coloring in your shingles? Does it have a black, yellow, or green color? You can have a mold, mildew, algae, or moss issue. These can damage your shingles and the sheathing beneath the shingles. Aside from that, it can also create a foul smell. You should consult a professional roofer about the most effective and safest products available for getting rid of this invasive growth.

Get Rid of Debris from the Roof

If you’ve got a lot of debris on your roof, it is basically an accident waiting to happen. Even tiny debris tossed around by the breeze can dislodge or crack shingles. Mold will occur if your roof has stacks of wet leaves. Berries or nuts on the roof can attract pests. It is vital to clear the roof of possible issues at the end of the fall season. However, you’ve got to ensure you safely do the job. Roof-related falls are one of the riskiest for homeowners. That’s why hiring a professional is a must when it comes to roofing.

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