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Facts About Dreadlocks You Must Know Before Having Them

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You can help your hair to keep from undergoing breakage or buildup by learning facts about dreadlocks before you decide to have them. Below are essential tips that you must know before it’s too late: 

Apply light products 

It is simple for the buildup to be trapped in your hair strands provided that your hair will not be worn out loosely or be locked up. Meaning, you’ll need to follow applying products that have lighter components. The recommended components would be chia seed gel, flaxseed gel, or aloe vera gel. 

Clarify your hair frequently 

To reiterate, because of the fact that buildup would easily come, you need to frequently clarify your hair with the help of clarifying shampoos. Also, you can utilize another alternative, which is an Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water. Also, you can utilize this recipe to fight the itchiness, moisturize your hair, and speed up the locking process.  

Wash your hair approximately every two to three weeks, even if you’re beginning your deadlocks off. 

Refrain from re-twisting it too frequently 

If you place too much tension on your scalp regularly, your scalp will place you in danger for traction alopecia. Extend the moments of re-twisting once your locks have been entirely shaped to prevent breakage. It is okay if your dreads are not totally perfect always. You should particularly want to provide sensitive parts such as your nape and edges to breathe sometimes. If you can, do not re-twist your locks for one month or more.  

 Provide your dreadlocks to properly dry after washing them all the time. 

If you keep your locks in a wet state all the time, it could possibly be a great breeding place for mold and bacteria. Hence, you should leave your locks out instead of placing them all in a ponytail. Remember that ponytails can hold excessive moisture. Then, it should be air-dried under the heat of the sun. You can also utilize a hairdryer if you want a speedier process.  

You still need to wrap your hair 

Though you won’t have to worry that your bedding might cause damage to your hair, you need to consider about it to cause buildup. To prevent lint to be trapped in your locks, it’s highly recommended to wrap your hair every night. 

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